Areas of Specialties

The influences of a Western medical mindset has conditioned us to extrapolate a list of symptoms and create a diagnosable label.  A headache is just a headache and you take a couple of ibuprofen to deal with the symptoms associated with the headache.  We fix the headache and not give another thought to the more underlying context, environment and history to why the headache even occurs.  Sadly, we often see all forms of depression and anxiety within that lens as well.  Our struggles with anxiety and depression have a relational and physical history and often stem from our early childhood experiences.

Attachment theory is a therapeutic lens that traces our current symptoms to our early childhood development.  Early childhood relationships, most notably family of origin, shape our internal and relational worlds.  My education and clinical experience in depth psychology, relational psychoanalysis, and attachment contribute to my therapeutic approach.  Our work together will entail addressing your more present day concerns, but also explore early childhood and family of origin experiences.

Trauma and Abuse

With the overabundance of media coverage on stories of tragedy close to home or afar, it is easy to look at our life and think, "My stuff is not that bad."  Often what we might consider less overt forms of trauma and abuse get swept under the rug and dismissed.  What I have come to believe is that all forms of trauma have impact on how we cope and deal with our lives.  As a relational therapist, my work with you is to create a therapeutic relationship that allows you to engage, grieve, and instill new hope and meaning within the context of your story.

I am currently a fellow with The Allender Center, working as a group facilitator for trauma-based narrative work with adults that have endured some form of trauma and abuse.  

Parent Child Interaction

I received my credentials as a Child Mental Health Specialist (CMHS) in Seattle working in Child & Family Services with Sound Mental Health and Asian Counseling & Referral Service.  I am trained as a PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy) therapist and also adhere to the Nurtured Heart Approach.  I utilize play therapy skills and enjoy creating therapeutic bonds with kids via board games. 

So much energy revolves around “misbehavior” amongst kids and teens.  That behavior is often seen externally such as tantrums and defiance or internally as withdrawal, suicidal ideation/self harm, or anxiety-based behavior.  As a caregiver myself, we often get caught up in reacting or trying to squelch these behaviors both at home and school.  What is seen as “misbehavior” is often the only way kids know how to communicate their thoughts and feelings to adults.  My role as a child mental health specialist is to help translate and foster better communication/relationship patterns between parents and kids.  I work with parents to help them offer intentional nurture and constructive boundaries at home.  I also love working one-on-one with kids and adolescents.